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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand

Hello, I'm Mike Stanfill, a Dallas based illustrator, animator and web designer. Take a look at all I have to offer and give me a call if there's anything I can do for you that doesn't involve heavy lifting or advanced math skills.
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Illustration Portfolio

Illustration - As a kidling I never dreamed of being a fireman or an astronaut or an assistant director of human resources at a midwest life and casualty company like all the normal kids. Instead, I wanted to draw stuff for a living, and so I have. Cleeck ze leetle icon to the left to enter my colorful world.
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Web Design Samples

Web Design - In the mid-90's I decided it was time to get my feet wet in this "internet" thing so I proceeded to build an online illustration portfolio using a few books on HTML for reference and good old Simpletext. Web technology has changed a lot since then but a site is still a site. Call me if your feet need moistening, too.
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Animation Samples

Animation - I've been dabbling in animation since 1995. My main creative tool is still Adobe Flash and it's just the best at creating animated content for just about any environment. Come take a peek at what I can do. (BTW, I'm currently 'de-SWF-ing' my videos as fast as I can. Have pity.)
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Print design samples

Print Design - Every business eventually needs a logo, business card, flyer, brochure, or banner for the side of the pick-up truck. Short of designing an entire catalog I can handle just about all your print needs. So click the link to your left and take a gander at some of my past assignments.  
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today's featured thingy

This image was one of many I created for Rowing Magazine. You can view a more inclusive collection of them here.

man in the fog illustration

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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand - 2330 Jonesboro Ave. - Dallas, TX 75228 - 469-279-0317

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