"Look out, Garfield!"

I present, for your amusement, this small collection of one man's attempt at comics page glory. Just click on any of the title icons to view a selection. Close the window when you're done.

Lou's Zoo

Lou's Zoo was my first serious attempt at a daily comic strip. The back story is that I was working with the Super-collider project, cranking out various illustrations for their in-house publications. At one point they decided they needed a mascot, using some kind of critter that spent time digging in dirt. After much consideration they settled on an armadillo and, so, Lou was born.
The super-collider project soon bit the dust and I was left with nothing but memories and a lot of illustrations of a cute little armadillo. And, so, Lou's Zoo was born.


Lou's Zoo made the editors at various syndicates sit up and take notice but they suggested I try another concept that didn't involve talking animals since the consumer, believe it or not, wouldn't grasp the reason WHY they were talking. Uh-huh.
So what I did was devise an animal that had a logical reason for speaking English. Actually, it was a robot dog. A Four-legged, Interactive, Domestic Organism. (Clever, huh?) The original concept was that his talking ability would gradually develop over time, but to get the idea across I accelerated the process a bit in the first set of cartoons.


Since the first two comic strip ideas didn't pass final muster I decided to develop a cartoon that drew on the almost limitless resources of the internet. The idea was to highlight wacky or interesting web sites each day and bookend it with a related joke. Several syndicates liked the idea but asked if I could make the jokes "funnier". I thought the jokes were adequately amusing and was ready to try again when a thought occurred to me concerning the legality of printing an image of someone else's web site in a nationally-syndicated format. Rather than fight that 600-pound legal gorilla I decided to move on.

Fuzzy Logic

More than any of my other creations I had a real sentimental attachment for my little robot dog, so I decided to try once again to foist him on the syndicates. This time, however, I altered his personality a bit, giving him an air of cultured pathos. This time he would be a loyal and intelligent servant who is still capable of dishing out a droll bon mot or two. I pictured him as art of a robotic-canine-Mr. Spock. This incarnation of Sparky gets the most response from people who visit this site.

Disorganized Crime

I decided to work up a comic strip that threatened to cross the boundaries of public decency, so I chose the Mafia as a role model. It may seem a bit derivative of The Soprano's but I attempted to syndicate this idea long before HBO jumped on the "crime as entertainment" bandwagon. Actually, my inspiration was Bud Grace's Piranha Club, specifically Uncle Sid and his larcenous cronies for whom no criminal or slothful act was too minor to attempt at least once. Alas, this one didn't make the final cut, either. It may have been ahead of its time.

Rhymes With Orange

Hilary Price, the creator of the comic strip "Rhymes With Orange" and I became acquainted under circumstances of which I'm not at liberty to reveal, but we got along well enough that she asked me if I'd write a joke or two for her comic strip. I vaguely remember acting pretty cooly to the suggestion but I'm sure I jumped around like a maniac at the prospect of getting my jokes in the papers...again. Anyhoo, here's a small collection of the results of our collaborationette, and on each one you can see a very small "Thanks M. Stanfill". She's so polite. If you'd like to know more about Rhymes With Orange, click here.

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