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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand

What's a Private Hand? Well, like a Private Eye I'm the guy you hire when you have neither the time, energy, or expertise to finalize all the details. Only in my case, I'm not determining who your significant other is furtively plowing down at the No-Tell Motel but I can certainly draw it, animate it or devote a web site to it should you so choose.
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Illustration Portfolio

Illustration - When I was in first grade I drew a picture of a turtle, one that earned me a blue ribbon in a classroom art contest. It didn't take my little mind long to grasp the significance of this event. Now the turtles are just about anything I can imagine and the blue ribbons look a lot like checks. Now if only Ruthie May Schwartz was still sitting in the desk next to mine. Sigh.
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Web Design Samples

Web Design - Yes, the web is full of do-it-yourself web sites, but there's LOTS more to building a successful cyber-mousetrap than simply using the most expensive cheese.
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Animation Samples

Animation - I'm not a 3D nor a classic Disney-type animator but I can satisfy just about any 2D animation Jones you may have. (BTW, I'm currently de-SWF-ing my videos as fast as I can. Have pity.)
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Print design samples

Print Design - Every business eventually needs a logo, business card, flyer, brochure, or banner for the side of the pick-up truck. Short of designing an entire catalog I can handle just about all your print needs. So click the link to your left and take a gander at some of my past assignments.  
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today's featured thingy

Since 2006 I've been producing a thrice-weekly progressively-political comic called "Raging Pencils", strictly for my own amusement. Below is the most recent comic, created February 20, 2019, but you can find them all at Ragingpencils.com. Enjoy.

National Emergency cartoon

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