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So what do you need? Broadcast-quality animation, Youtube videos, quick-and-dirty commercials? Let's talk. Meanwhile, here are a few of my modest examples.

The Elements, by Tom Lehrer

The Elements - Music by Tom Lehrer

I'm been a fan of Tom Lehrer seemingly forever, so first chance I got I animated his famous song about the elements of the periodic table. Enjoy!

Rainbow, by Slim Whitman

Ode To Scruffy - Music by Brett Eidman

Comedian Brett Eidman's "Ode to Scruffy" was number one on  the Dr. Demento radio program for some time but it's kind of.... naughty. Deal with it. No dogs were harmed in the making of this production.

Rainbow, by Slim Whitman

Rainbow - Music by Slim Whitman

Because of my parent's odd taste in music I must have heard "There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop You're Crying" about a kazillion times while growing up. This animation is my revenge, of sorts.

Bush Bash

A Little Bush-Bashing.

A friend of mine developed a site and decided he'd like to advertise it with a bit of animated political theatre. I hope you enjoy watching it every bit as much as I, a progressive's progressive, savored making it.

Stormy the Storm Drain

What is Rankism?

The caste system dominates our lives so it's important is to learn how to break the cycle. This animation is an introduction to author Robert Fuller's examination of the problem.

Stormy the Storm Drain

The Crocodile Hunterrapin

The good folks at Turtle TV asked me to animate a short segment for one of their award-winning movies. This was another of those jobs where I was delighted to add my painfully amateurish vocal talents.

Stormy the Storm Drain

SPSU Interactive Map

Southern Polytechnic State University (The Fightin' Hornets!) were feeling left behind by all the cool interactive campus maps all the other colleges had on their web sites. So they had me whup up one for 'em. Click yerself crazy!

Stormy the Storm Drain

America Greetings Animated Birthday Card Numero Uno

This is an animated birthday card I developed for the American Greetings on-line division. The "woob-woob-woob-woo" you hear is, ahem, me.

Stormy the Storm Drain

American Greetings Animated Birthday Card Numero Two-o

Another of my world-famous American Greetings animated birthday cards. The assignment here was to make a card that was interactive, so you can click on the boxes in any order you wish to get the final payoff.

Stormy the Storm Drain

Digital Media Warehouse

Client: "Can you animate a lizard crawling across the screen and morphing into our logo?"
Harried Flash animator: "Uhhhh, sure."

Stormy the Storm Drain, a developer of reading systems for kids needed some sort of presence for his new, yet-to-be-developed web site and asked for something cool for potential visitors to use instead of some plain old form mail.

Stormy the Storm Drain

Hanukkah Cheat Sheet

Leviathan Press produced a sort of Cliff Notes for Hanukkah and then decided they needed a nifty web animation to advertise it.

Stormy the Storm Drain

Three "Anti-Viral" animations

Remote Backup Systems needed some viral animations to churn their message. The result was three fairly amusing animations for you to share and enjoy. Choose from Bull, Boo, or The Dog Ate My Computer.

Stormy the Storm Drain

Stormy the Storm Drain

The city of Garland, Texas approached me to animate a lively, 30-second TV spot designed to teach children about the storm drain system.

The Last Request - Music by John Fahey

Condemned men are customarily offered one last meal and the Texas Department of Corrections carefully records them. I offer a few of these choices, along with the men themselves, for your consumption.

Time/Motion Study

This is one of a series of animations of animations designed to illustrate a well-run manufacturing facility.


This device injects medicines subcutaneously, just like on Star Trek.


Ziploc bags, though undeniably useful, must innovate or die. This animation, bought and paid for by the Ziploc folks, shows a few customized options available for anyone willing to pony up the dough.

A tribute to a great cat

Mopsey: A Tribute to a Very Fine Cat - Music by Art Garfunkel

Mopsey was the kind of cat who never met a person she didn't like and the world is a much smaller place without her. I am grateful to have known her the last five of her twenty years on this planet and I animated this small tribute just for her. If you ever had a pet who was more than "just" an animal, you'll enjoy this piece.

Somewhere over the China Sea

High Noon Over Hainan

Somewhere over the China Sea, near Hainan Island, a U.S reconnaissance aircraft and a Chinese fighter jet collided. What really happened? Who know? This amusing little tale is how I imagined events transpired.

Galaxy Sportsbook

Galaxy Sportsbook

This was my very first paid Flash assignment back in 1997, using Flash V1, created as the splash screen for a gambling web site. This was when almost NO ONE had the Flash plug-in installed.

My First Flash Web Site

My First Flash Web Site

Once Flash 3 was released I knew it was time to build a 100% Flash-based web site. This 1999 construct was fun but completely useless as a portfolio tool. I present it to you strictly in the spirit of nostalgia.

Great Expectorations

I traveled to France in 2001 and, rather bore everyone with a slide-show of my trip, decided to bore everyone with a Flash production of my trip. Enjoy, mes ami!

ATTopia Arcade

The ATTopia Arcade

This is but one small part of a vast, Flash-based instructional course for new hires at AT&T.

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