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Whether you need a rebuild of an existing web site or require a whole new web presence to impress your friends or potential customers, I'm your man. With over fifteen years experience in the field I can develop custom web designs, including Flash interactivity or CSS coolness, at template prices.

To investigate examples of my web capabilities simply click the associated thumbnail images below to visit the sites. For my
rates just click the "<html>" icon to your left.

Bruce DeSilva -  crime novelist

Bruce DeSilva - I crafted this site for award-winning crime novelist Bruce DeSilva back in 2010 to help promote his first book, Rogue Island.

He's now got a second hot book on the shelves, Cliff Walk, and the public is going wild! I'll take all the credit for the site but none for the books. Atta boy, Bruce!

Global Telemedia, Inc.

Global Telemedia, Inc. - After ten years the site I originally designed for Global Telemedia was cramped and inadequate. So I sharpened the scalpels, fired up the digital chainsaw, and got busy. The new site is bright, easy to navigate, and free of the redundancies that had crept in over the past decade.

Hillcrest Home Health

Hillcrest Home Health - Increasing numbers of our senior citizens require assisted living and this is Dallas-based company needed to throw their hat in the on-line ring. The resultant site is concise, engaging, and easy-to-navigate.

The Fitness Architect

The Fitness Architect - Designed for a local fitness guru. The web site is no longer in business so I'm offering an archived version for your viewing pleasure.

Curatrix - Curatrix specializes in museum consulting, appraisals and advice on vintage clothing. They're nice folks so give them a holler if you're in need of their services.

My France Vacation

Great Expectorations - I'm pretty much of a home boy when it comes to travel but in the waning days of the last century I and my beloved girlfriend, Tex, were invited to fly to Paris to celebrate the "real" millennium with friends. Instead of just boring everyone snapshots afterwards I decided to build a fancy-schmancy Flash-based production to showcase our adventures. Enjoy, mon ami!

Mike Stanfill, Private Hand - 2330 Jonesboro - Dallas, TX 75228 - 469-279-0317

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