The Fitness Architect

"The goal of The Fitness Architect is to help our clients live longer, more comfortable, stress-free lives, and we can do that by offering the latest tools and techniques in the wellness industry. Simply put... Choose us, choose lasting success!"

- Chad Hanley, The Fitness Architect

2001 Coit Road, Suite 137, Plano, Texas 75075 214-334-9939

To understand what we do at The Fitness Architect you have to consider the body as you would a building. Like us, man-made structures are adversely affected by the gradual effects of time and age. One might live in a house for years and take its sturdy protection from the elements entirely for granted, but one day you're suddenly aware that the foundation has shifted and the floorboards are warped and the roof is starting to leak.

If you're handy with tools you roll up your sleeves and get to work, but most people need a little help and that's when they call in a professional to get them past the rough spots.

As the old saying goes "The body is a temple" and like any other structure, it takes
diligence and determination to make sure that one's own "foundations" remain square and firm. Proper diet and regular exercise are the key to health maintenance but unfortunately we don't all possess the knowledge or the technical expertise to assess where to begin. How does one know where the good wood leaves off and the rot starts?

That's where The Fitness Architect comes in.

The Fitness Architect team is composed of licensed and certified wellness professionals trained in all areas of general health. Our office, conveniently located in Central Plano, is equipped to provide the following services:

• Total Wellness Programs
• Professionally-Guided Fitness Programs
• Fitness Testing
• Nutrition Analysis
• Stress Management
• Blood Chemistry Screenings
• Hair and Saliva Screenings

Take a moment to study all the services we can offer and give us a call if you have any questions. Allow us to formulate a bold, new blueprint that will change your life...guaranteed, or your money back.

A testimonial

"Working with Chad, I have been able to steadily increase my upper body strength and lower my bodyfat percentage. He has also been an excellent source of information on other fitness topics such as nutrition, supplements and massage. His all-round knowledge and encouragement have enabled me to reach a new level of fitness."

- Todd Sifert