The Fitness Architect

"To some people improvement in their
physical health begins and ends at the gym,
but The Fitness Architect goes a bit farther."

Total Wellness Programs

If you lived in a house with a leaky roof you wouldn't solve the problem by buying new furniture every week. Similarly, you shouldn't try to solve your health problems by focusing entirely on just your weight or your heart rate. It's important to remember that all facets of your health are interconnected in a tenuous balance, so it's important to address all areas of the mind-body connection to achieve the goal of full health.

To some people improvement in their physical health begins and ends at the gym, but The Fitness Architect goes a bit farther. Our idea of a total health plan is one that includes nutritional programming, body composition analysis, blood pressure monitoring, anthropometric measurements, stress reduction, blood chemistry screenings, hair and saliva screenings (to detect environment-based chemical anomalies) and incisive fitness testing.

Here is a complete list of the tests and analyses that we use at The Fitness Architect:

• Lower and Upper Body Strength Testing
• Flexibility Testing
• SubMax VO
2- tests aerobic capacity
• Heart Rate Variability- tests the health of the autonomic nervous system
• Spirometric Readings- tests for pulmonary strength
• Body Composition Analysis- Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Weight
• Circumference Measurements
• Blood Pressure Reading
• Blood Chemistry Readings:
  - Lipid/Glucose test
  - ALT liver test
  - Hemoglobin A1c test- blood sugar level average from the past 2-3 months
  - Thyroid Function test
  - Prostate test
• Saliva and Hair Screenings:
  - FemaleCheck
  - MaleCheck
  - PerformanceCheck
  - MineralCheck

A Testimonial

"Chad has been my personal trainer for almost six years. I began training on the advice of my physician to increase bone density as I am at risk to develop osteoporosis. Regular exercise and a healthier diet have not only slowed down bone loss, but have had the added benefits of improving muscle tone, weight loss and more energy. Chad is very attentive during training sessions to make sure that all exercises are performed correctly so as not to cause injury. He crafts diets to meet personal needs and lifestyles."

- Nancy Crawford