The Fitness Architect

"Improper management of stress can
magnify a small health problem
into a serious one."

Stress Management

It's no secret that the demands of modern living introduce unwanted levels of stress into our lives, but did you know that improper management of stress can magnify a small health problem into a serious one? In fact, stress alone is known to make people more prone to many common health issues.

We here at The Fitness Architect realize that stress management is an important building block in a well-rounded health regimen. To this end, we rely on state-of-the-art psychophysiological software programs, like Inner Balance Scan, which help our clients learn to control and lower their overall stress levels. This software, which focuses on individual breathing dynamics, reintroduces its users to their own natural body rhythms, thereby helping the user control the roots of stress and deftly avoid its negative effects.
Inner Balance Scan

Our system will help each client to reduce the debilitating effects of chronic and acute stress…GUARANTEED!

A Testimonial

"His guidance has led me to lose 80lbs. and keep it off. ‘Can Chad’s program do this for you?', you’re asking yourself. As a 35 year young lady, I can tell you that it helped me in every way and much more. The feeling of improved health has done nothing short of make me feel alive again. I continue to better myself everyday, and that is through the continued support and guidance that Chad provides."

- Stacey Sifert